Human Resources Management as a Strategic Partner

At the first time, in the year of 1900, human resources management was called ‘personnel division’, which has only several administrative jobs, such as organize the recruitment of the HR, handling the salary distribution, and made some profitable plan for the company.

After the new era and technology has come, ‘personnel division’ begins to handle enriched job. In the year of 1930, personnel division was changed into ‘personnel management’. Personnel management is the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance, and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational, and societal objectives are accomplished.
Then several years later, personnel management was developed into strategic human resources management (HRM). It means that HRM and the top management work together as a partner in order to make the business strategic company. This is what people called HRM as a strategic partner for the company.
Generally, the role of strategic partner always related with external environment of a company. As it’s definition, that strategic partner is another company or organization, which run the different business with our company, but they can be our partner in running business which give an advantage to each company.
According to its definition, there are three components of strategic partner, they are:
1. Supplier
Supplier is the organization, which supply the resources for a company. Supplier is a strategic partner for a company, because the company has to make teamwork with the supplier in order to fix their total quality.
2. Labor Union
Labor Union can help the company to discuss about productivity and job environment quality. This situation can decrease the enmity between labor union and the company.
3. Customer
Customer can be a strategic partner for the company, because they can give a comment and recommendation for a company to improve their quality and performance.

In fact, strategic partner not only related with external environment, but also with the internal environment. In this case, a company can see their employee as a strategic partner.
In this session, we will explain about the relation between strategic partner and human resources.
• Types of Human Resources
1. HR as a strategic partner
Existence of this HR is very important, because with its performance, a company can increase their value of their organization.
This type of HR has two surplus, First, they are expert in find a business opportunity, and train another employees, so that employees can do their job like the mission and vision at the company. Second, they can do their job before their leader ask them to do it, they can move before the problem rise, even they can rearrange the role that has been made by the CEO, if that role are not good for the company and for the employees.
2. Obedient HR
In this type, HR do whatever their leader ask, they are more inactive, and only work if there is a problem.
3. HR who wait for an instruction
This type almost similar with the second type. They just do they job if their leader ask them to do it, so they just a compliment division in a company.

Nowadays, many organizations see their HRD as a strategic partner. HRD has a right to participate in strategy discussion and decision. In the organization where HRD seen as a strategic partner, HRD has a decision making power, and has direct involvement with business and operational planning.
With this role of HRD, company can develop their performance. HRD will know much better about the goal and purpose of the company. So, HRD will be able to recruit the right man for the company, and train the employees in order to make them more productive, effective, and efficient.

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