CCNA1-Module 11

1 Which port numbers are commonly assigned for FTP use? (Choose two.)

  • 19
  • 20*
  • 21*
  • 22

2 What does the http portion of the URL communicate to a web browser?

  • The web browser needs to locate the

    CCNA1-Module 10

    1 Which device would add security to a network by not forwarding broadcasts?

    • hub
    • Router*
    • switch
    • bridge
    • repeater

    2 Given a host with the IP address and a default subnet mask, to which network does the host be

    CCNA1-Module 9

    1 Why is IP considered a best-effort protocol?

    • IP detects lost packets.
    • IP validates the content of the packets.
    • IP does not provide acknowledgment of the data delivery.*
    • IP reorders the packet as they arrive at the destination host.

    CCNA1-Module 8

    1 What is the function of a Layer 2 switch?

    • forwards data based on logical addressing
    • duplicates the electrical signal of each frame to every port
    • learns the port assigned to a host by examining the destination MAC address
    • determines which interface is

      CCNA1-Module 7

      1 Which Ethernet standard does the IEEE 802.3 standard recommend for backbone installations?

      • 10BASE-T
      • 100BASE-T
      • 100BASE-FX
      • 1000BASE-LX*

      2 Which statements describe Gigabit Ethernet technology? (Choose two.)

      • operates

        CCNA1-Module 6

        1 Refer to the exhibit. Host A is communicating with host F. What happens to a frame sent from host A to host F as it travels over the Ethernet segments?

        • The frame format is modified as it passes through each switch.
        • The frame format remains the same across each Ethernet

          CCNA1-Module 5

          1 Which of the following are benefits of peer-to-peer networks? (Choose three.)

          • centralized security
          • easy to create*
          • very scalable
          • no centralized equipment required*
          • centralized administrator not required*
          • centralized control of ass

            CCNA1-Module 4

            1 A company needs to extend the LAN to six separate buildings. To limit the amount of signal attenuation on the LAN media, what type of media would be the best to use between the buildings?

            • air (wireless)
            • coaxial cable
            • Fiber*
            • shielded twisted pair

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